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Due to Montgomery County’s  participation in the National Flood Insurance Program and  after making a flood disaster declaration, Montgomery County has determined that it should  make an assessment of homes that were “substantially damaged” by the floods.    “Substantial damage” under the applicable rules for flood damage means “damage to the structure that equals or exceeds fifty (50%) percent of the market value of the structure prior to the flood.”  Montgomery County has secured the services of a contractor to make those assessments.

If you received 3 feet or less of floodwater in your home, Montgomery County, assumes that your home was not substantially damaged.  We will keep a record of your property and you may proceed with repair or rehabilitation..  Any additions or structural changes to your home may require a permit, however, and you should contact the County Engineer’s office. 

If you received more than 3 feet of floodwater, your home should be assessed by an inspector to determine whether it was substantially damaged. If your home received more than 3 feet of floodwater and you believe you were substantially damaged OR your home received less than 3 feet of floodwater and you believe you were substantially damaged, you are invited to register your home either by calling the Office of Emergency Management Hotline at 866-797-0459 or by completing an online registration form here, by clicking the button above.   Please indicate the best time for inspectors to view your home. Inspectors will need to enter the residence to complete the assessment.

If your home is assessed as having been substantially damaged, you will not be able to obtain a permit until you can demonstrate that the lowest floor is elevated to at least one foot above the base flood elevation.  You may be eligible for an Increased Cost of Compliance (ICC) claim under your flood insurance policy or for other federal programs such as low interest relocation loans.    A property owner may appeal a substantial damage determination by providing adequate documentation  in support of their appeal.   

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The Montgomery County Office of Emergency Management (OEM) is responsible for the planning, coordination, and implementation of all emergency management and Homeland Security related activities for Montgomery County. The Mission of the OEM is to lessen the loss of life and reduce injuries and property damage during natural or man-made incidents through mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery in accordance with the Montgomery County Emergency Operations Plan. OEM also coordinates the activities for the County’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC). The EOC, when activated is a central location where representatives of local government and private sector agencies convene during disaster situations to make decisions, set priorities and coordinate resources for response and recovery.

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